Oh hey,
 have me met?

I'm Komal Hassaan,

the CEO and founder of the brand 

"Building Queendoms".

I'm based in Dubai and I help

Women Coaches, Consultants & 

Course creators to create, launch & 

scale their programs without paid ads 

and bring in 5 figures each month, 


About me

Many women start their businesses due to some traumatic event, 

such as divorce, heaLth of a family member, or to leave their 9 to 5 that was not 

supporting their daily needs, but my reason for starting 

this business is completely different.

 I started my coaching business in 2020 right after walking out of 

my already built "6 figure" e-commerce business that I was running for 10 

years alongside my husband.  Our business was doing great 

but I felt, it stopped serving the purpose.  

I started feeling unaligned.  

Because when I started my e-commerce business 10 years ago,

 I did it only for the money.  

And this coaching business I started in 2020,

 is for the purpose.  

I have really enjoyed working with Komal. I jumped in her 1:1 right after joining one of her courses.
Love working with her!

Health Coach

Now, I help women entrepreneurs to
stand in their power and start
their online business to
normalise wealth in their hands.

Business Coach

I can't say enough how good Komal is when it comes to providing value. If you’re looking for help in earning passive income consistently, I highly recommend her.